Doughboy Above-Ground Pools

Doughboy is the original above-ground pool first manufactured over 60 years ago. Made in America, Doughboy Pools unparalleled strength and quality are legendary all over the world. As industry and installation leaders, Doughboy and Town & Country Pools goals are to give our customers peace of mind about the longevity of our pools by creating and maintaining the highest standards of design, engineering, installation and service.

Pools on Display

We have 4 full sized Doughboy pools on display at our store in Newburgh.

• 28′ Saratoga

• 24′ Desert Spring

• 21′ Summerville

• 18′ Autumn Breeze


Every Doughboy pool comes in each size. You can look at each style, its features and size to determine the perfect pool for your home, family and budget.

We take the risk out of buying a pool.

Strength – made from heavier copper bearing steel than industry standards our pool walls are 30-60lbs heavier than other brands.

Exclusive Corrosion Protection – Doughboy Exclusive zinc clad hot-dipped galvanized steel wall with a special Epoxy coasting provide the best defense against corrosion and condensation in the entire industry.

Yard inspection – Town & Country Pools will inspect your yard before your pool in installed to determine the proper placement, size and elevation. We will also address any potential structural or long term issues that might affect your pool. NO INSTALLATION DAY SURPRISES OR PROBLEMS

Installation – We install your Doughboy pool with our own trained Town & Country employees – no sub contractors. We will make sure there are no installation day surprises and that you will have no future problems where you want your pool located.

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